EST. 2013

YTS - Yatra Tatra Sarvatra

YTS is an institution focused on bringing innovative and most suitable suite of financial products & services to enable the needs and the future dreams of the mass segment in India.

YTS wants to be around its customer – physically and digitally, fulfilling the requirements and becoming a partner in the growth. The centre of everything for us is the customer, the ‘aspirers’.

As our customer goes through his or her life cycle where they save for the planned events in their lives or borrow to build an asset or remit to their families their hard earned income or take an insurance to cover for vagaries of life, we want to be there for them. With meaningful partnerships, we want to serve our customers, across all their needs – savings, loans, payments, insurance.

Infact masses for some, HNIs for us.

Aspirational Customers

Aspirational Customers

Mobility Approach

Mobility as an Approach

Frill Solutions

With Frill Solutions

Technology Channels

Technology Channels


Simplicity in our


Tailor fit


Users define our


Ideating for impactful

Who we are?

YTS is a partner in the financial growth of the micro customer by offering innovative digital products, whilst retaining the ethos of scaled impactful delivery on the ground. To put this more aptly, we see ourselves acting as wealth creation managers for our customers and their community.

What we do?

YTS enables delivery of financial services in an integrated digital & physical hub digital & physical marketplace with an ability to manage end-to-end services operations leveraging technology and an engaged community development model.