About Us

YTS - Yatra Tatra Sarvatra

EST. December 2013

Better services for mankind, Tailored for aspirers

The mission of the new entity is enshrined in its name YTS – Yatra Tatra Sarvatra (here, there, everywhere) symbolising ‘ubiquity’ in meeting all customer life-cycle requirements and being present everywhere to fulfil those requirements. YTS aims to become a thought leader in bringing innovative and relevant products for the mass segment fulfilling their entire requirements and being a partner in their growth.

YTS wants to be around the customer – physically and digitally. The centre of everything for us is the customer, and that too the underserved masses that today are not the preferred customer set. With meaningful partnership, we want to serve our customers, across all their needs – savings, loans, payments, investments, etc.

Infact masses for some, HNIs for us.

YTS model is to become a partner in the financial growth of the micro customer by offering innovative digital products. We would continue to retain the ethos of scaled impactful delivery on the ground. To put this more aptly, we see ourselves acting as wealth creation managers for our customers and their community. If we succeed in designing and operating a micro-banking digital model with no white spaces then we see ourselves meeting the objective fully in India…

At YTS, we have designed digital products built on the mobile platform. From a basic prepaid accounts with ATM cards, prepaid mobile salary payments and processing, cashless management solutions for loan disbursement & collections, domestic money transfer etc. The key words around which our solutions are developed are, ‘digital’, ‘mobility’, ‘micro’, to cater to small value transactions. All these products are digital in nature, in line with our philosophy of leveraging mobile technology for achieving cost effectiveness and scalability.

The culture at YTS is entrepreneurial and supports excellence in work and values across its employees.

YTS has a young professional team from financial services and retail sector. The company is promoted & managed by Ms. Shweta Aprameya, Founder & CEO and Manish Khera, Managing Director; both are seasoned professional and have several years of banking and financial services experience. YTS has minority participation from private investors in India and the US.

> Vision

Set up an integrated digital & physical hub delivering innovative affordable “with frills” financial services to the underserved aspiring customers leveraging technology and an engaged community development model.