Grievance Redressal Policy

YTS - Yatra Tatra Sarvatra

At YTS Solutions Private Limited (“YTS”) we truly believe in providing best in class services to our customers. YTS believes that providing prompt and efficient service is essential not only to attract new customers but also to retain existing customers. This document outlines the policy that is available to a customer who is not satisfied with the personnel or with a product or service offered or provided by YTS and has not spoken/ spoken to the relevant staff and is dissatisfied with the response given.
YTS would be committed to maintaining a Grievance handling system which can be accessed by all customers. All grievances are handled in a confidential manner and with a similar level of professionalism as all other official business of the YTS and periodic communication/ update to customer until resolution is ensured.

Modes of Raising Complaint:

The customer may raise his complaint in writing, orally, electronically, through e-mail or over telephone.
A. Electronic mail: The customers may raise a complaint through E-mail
Email us at:
B. Call Centre: It is another avenue to record complaints and deficiencies in service. Call us on 1800 3000 4300 between 8.00 AM - 10.00 PM from Monday to Saturday and Sunday 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Grievance Redressal Categories:

Sl. No. Complaints due to Received from
1. Deficiency in service Customers & Regulators
2. Fraud cases, legal cases and cases which need retrieval of documents and exceptionally old records Customers & Regulators
3. Complaints involving 3rd party Customers & Regulators
4. Merchant disputes with aggregators Merchants

*Customer disputes will be handled at various levels within predefined timelines on case to case basis.

*Customer disputes with aggregators and 3rd party merchants will be taken up as per the terms of engagement and, or case details.

Resolution of Grievances

  1. The respective Contact Centre Officer/Manager responsible for the resolution of complaints/grievances shall issue a ticket number to the customer which he/she for future reference.
  2. Contact centre shall raise the grievance with respective person who is in charge of resolution based on the type f the grievance and follow up for closure
  3. In case the escalation to be done contact centre shall ensure the same and once the issue is closed contact centre shall contact the customer and communicate the same
  4. Customer service manager may also refer customer to the bank for further resolution if the customer wants to or depending on the nature of the grievance

Final Redressal and Closure of Grievance

Grievance shall be treated as finally redressed and closed in any of the following circumstances:

a. Where the Complainant has communicated his acceptance of the Company’s decision on Redressal of grievance communicated by Grievance Redressal; or

b. Where the Complainant has not communicated his acceptance of the Company’s decision, within 3 (three) working days.