YTS - Yatra Tatra Sarvatra

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Life is made of the five universal elements:
Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Sky

The balance of these elements alters and channelize the flow of positive energy facilitating physical and spiritual well being and paving the way for enhances health, wealth, prosperity and happiness. These elements are present everywhere and for everyone equally.

The inspiration is enshrined in the name YTS – Yatra Tatra Sarvatra (here, there, everywhere) symbolising ‘ubiquity’ in meeting all customer life-cycle requirements and being present everywhere to fulfil those requirements. We create solutions that have a universal appeal to empower our customers to transform their lives for a better today and tomorrow.

YTS Care

We care for our society and environment

Caring about the underprivileged is core to our model. As a team, we contribute towards the welfare of the society in many ways. Our association and involvement with social welfare foundations is a key part of our work culture. Through such engagements, we build a sense of social responsibility & try to establish a norm of giving back to the society.